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I'm right there with you in my hate for ups! I moved Into my current apartment last June and have yet to actually get a properly delivered package.

What I can count on getting regularly from ups is a bunch of bull and a whole lotta excuses.

Despite my numerous calls asking to speak with a supervisor nothing changes. They REFUSE to deliver to me. I live in an apartment on the main strip of a SMALL town and they say they won't deliver because someone will steal my package.

I told them there is a far less conspicuous back door that is clearly labeled and they are welcome to leave it there.

My packages have ended up everywhere but at my front or back door! I stupefied by the incompetency and don't know where to turn.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Dissolve the company.

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I can completely commiserate with you! I've contacted customer support via live telephone and email and neither of them were in any way helpful.

Other than apologizing and expressing their understanding of my frustration. Really? They can understand my frustration? Try being on the receiving end of UPS incompetence and bulls*** excuses and then tell me you understand MY frustration.

If they refuse to leave the package even after we sign the authorization on the back of THEIR notice slip, what the *** else do they want?

If I can help it, I am going to ask all my customers, suppliers and vendors to use anyone EXCEPT UPS. I will no longer be a UPS customer if I can help it.

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