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I was contacted by a company to purchase product. They supplied me with a valid UPS number and I sent it.

They not only didn't pay for the items ordered, they refused to pay for shipping and UPS is extorting the money from my company. So, not only does UPS condone stealing, they allow them to further screw to victim by refusing to pay shipping on the items stolen.

They are too much of a coward to collect from the thieves, they instead go after the decent business owner.

My company no longer ships or excepts requests for shipping UPS!!!

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How is this UPS's fault? The "company" that ordered your product gave you a false shipper ID number, then they didn't even pay for the items ordered. You got screwed over by a dishonest person, plain and simple.

Someone has to pay for the shipping. UPS isn't going to ship your items for free just because the person who ordered them from you is a thief.

Definitely a frustrating situation, and I would definitely pursue the matter legally with this so called company. But to blame UPS for this is completely misguided.


I meant to spell "accepts" instead of "excepts" I do not see an edit tab

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