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Apparently Brown can not do anything for me. They attempted to deliver a package to my home on 10/27.

I received the missed attempt notice and immediately contacted their customer service department and requested a "will call/customer pick up" for the package. An hour later I received a confirmation call from UPS and was informed that their pick up location is more then 15 miles from my home. As a single mother of 3, anything outside our typical routine does not work especially when they told me that the package would not be available for pick up until after 7:30pm. I then asked if I could redirect it to my work address.

Was told "yes, just call the 800 # and they'll change it for you". Well I call the 800# and am told it will be $6 to change, I agree but inform them that I will have to call back with my credit card info, I just called back and was told that since I did the will call option they are not able to process any other changes to the account.

So now they are delivering the item to my house once again then will be returning it to sender. WTF?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Thats right...once 1 delivery change request (will call) is put in..there is only 1 request per make a decision before you call and put and request in..and if they dont tell you the address of the center..make sure you ask before you finish the transaction.

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