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I have used UPS for a long time but I will NEVER use them again! My last experience with them turned out to be the final straw ! They have the worst customer service department on the planet and their careless handling of packages especially large heavy ones is unequaled by any other carrier ! They will also refuse a claim at the drop of a hat using lies and every dirty trick in the book along with a plethora of BS excuses and stall tactics to deny that it was their fault or had anything to do with anything behind their hallowed walls ! They once managed to destroy an expensive keyboard that was shipped in a road case and yes the road case was trashed as well ! The keyboard was fully insured and they still tried to wiggle their way out of it ! It took the persistence of the customer and I to work thru their stall tactic and finally after 120 days and a looming lawsuit did they finally concede and honor the claim ! THIS is just one way they take care of their customers. NOT !!!

In this my last dealing with them I called them for a pick up and the representative on the other side of the phone asked me for all my information INCLUDING my credit card number for billing purposes and he gave me an estimated price WITH fully insuring the item (another expensive keyboard) and I was told that the driver would be there that day to pick it up. As promised the driver showed up and he filled all the paperwork out names, shipping and delivery address etc etc etc and told me to sign and I would be billed by their customer service department. Everything seemed normal until 3 days later the keyboard arrived at its destination and the customer called me telling me that the box looked like it was thrown under a semi truck! The driver even commented about the condition the box was in and stated that it looks like it went thru the Sampsonite luggage Gorilla test ! Not to take the attention away from the item but the keyboard was damaged but it was repairable ! Not withstanding here is where the HORROR begins !!!

Since the item was damaged but repairable the customer chose to keep the keyboard and have it repaired instead of requesting them to totally cover the claim as unrepairable clearly damaged by their carelessness. Well to say the least they denied the initial claim immediately which resulted in my initial contact with their customer service claims department. After explaining how it was packed, what my thoughts were as to how it was damaged in transit and handled, the representative overturned the denied claim and I was told that I would receive claim paperwork in my email and to fill it out and fax it to the claims department with a written estimate to repair the item which I did. I went to a friends office and we faxed all the paperwork over to UPS.

Now the BS part 2 begins when 2 days later I received a phone call from them claiming that they will NOT honor the claim because they could not read the part of the shipping receipt that was faxed to them concerning the value of the item stating that nothing was checked off on the shipping ticket for the value of the keyboard ! So I returned back to my friends and we enhanced that page and re sent that page all to no avail ! Going back to the beginning of my complaint about this transaction with UPS, all this information, what was in the package, the size and weight of the package, and how much the item I was shipping was valued at INCLUDING my credit card number for billing was given to the UPS representative who initially took the pick up call from me !!! Now they are telling me that they will only honor the claim for the $100 + the shipping that they supposedly give you and are responsible for & WAIT it gets even better ! I looked on my credit card statement and couldn't find any charges made by UPS for the shipping or otherwise !!! There was nothing, no charges to be found at all in regards to any part of this shipment BUT in the mail that very same day was a bill from UPS billing me for the shipment and low and behold there was a late charge attached to it ! The only thing I received from UPS prior was a claim denial letter, an acceptance of damage claim letter and a package with the same paperwork that I also received in my email to fill out and either mail or fax in to them THAT was it !!! With that being said the shipping cost according to their late imvoice was much less than originally quoted ! I requested a phone record of the initial correspondence and I was told they did not have it and that it was not available and I also asked for a corporate phone number which I was also told they could not provide to me and this was after being put on hold ! This is blatant incompetence and irresponsibility involving more than one department of the UPS company infrastructure and is the shoddiest form of business I have seen by a large corporation in quite some time ! I will be following this up by filing a complaint against UPS in small claims court ! I will also post an update after this issue is resolved.

My advice to ALL is use FedEx they arent perfect but far more reliable !

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sounds like you need to learn how to pack things better

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