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UPS Sucks! I was returning on order to a ventder and the package that I shipped showed back up on my doorstep a week after I sent it without any of the product that was in the box present. On the box was a tag stating refused, return to sender. The box was still taped and the stuffing used was still in the box. I called the company and asked why the refused it and they stated that they never recieved it. UPS states that the box was damaged. Not even close!!!! The box was in tack and believe it or not , without any damage. Their system requires a driver to fill out a damage goods report if there is damage and there was no report. They then stated that the box must have came open, and that they have a LOST AND FOUND area for just this instance. I agreed to have them look, just in case the box had come open the product would be in there. Well as you guess its not there. This leads me to my conclusion that the product was stolen from the box. UPS SUPPORT THEIR EMPLOYEES TO BE THEIVES and claims that this is damaged goods. This sure sounds like insurance fraud to me, but when you own your own insurance company you can protect your bottom line by denying things all day.

I have spent almost a week trying to talk to representative and they all just give these pre-canned answers, I do have a phone number for customer relations at Corporate HQ and will post it for anyone who wants it.

Funny thing is as I fighting this claim another box I recieved was damaged and the shipper , rather than filling a claim said that theyd just send another than try and work with UPS.

jon from wisconsin

Monetary Loss: $500.

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