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I ordered football jerseys for the family for the whole family. Paid the extra money to have the jerseys delivered BY wednesday!

(plenty of time before game). Its now Friday, & they just updated the tracking info that the package will now arrive MONDAY!!!! How useless are football jerseys the day after the superbowl!!!!! The package arrived at a nearby center at 1130am friday morning, but the service rep tells me that the package is in some kind of crate and wont be precessed until monday!

Here is the best part! I was even willing to go pick it up, but that is against procedure!!! You would think some UPS supervisor, KNOWING the packages are already two days late, would shake a leg and make sure the packages are expedited to the customers!!! And the worst of it, is now I have to wait to receive the package, then spend MY TIME to return the thing!!!

Thanks a Lot UPS!!!! Really Appreciate how you do business!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Pick Up Service.

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I had the same problem today. Just don't use UPS they are a bunch of inconsiderate unfocused service people who are just happy to give you the runaround and make it as difficult as possible to complain and accept no responsibility (after all you are the customer BUT in the wrong) - please direct complaints to Bin 13!! They don't have a service manager or at least one who cares and is prepared to be known!!


They have suspended our account without notice because we owe them a small amount of money, despite our trying to resolve a dispute for nearly eighteen months! We also agreed a credit which would have seen this put to bed but they have reneged on it. Worse than that, they are holding shipments due to be delivered to us as leverage, so our suppliers are understandably furious.

They are the worst parcel company in the World and I would urge everyone to use someone else.