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I was expecting a package from another company, as a replacement for a defective Item. I was unawre that it was to be shipped to me via Usually Poor Service (UPS) On July 11,2013 I found a finall notice ,we shipped it back notice on my door. The FIRST notice I've recieved. I called the Customer service number who said they could do nothing but ask the local center to call me. I called back at 7:30 am and was told it was being shipped back to the seller and to contact them. I explained that this was the FIRST notice. They simply replied with I'm soory but thats all we can do.

So a "shipping company " who can track packages cant flag it and have it sent back? Nope!!

I spoke with about 8 different people over the course of 3 hours all who appologized but offered no solutions except that it was my problem now.

UPS policy is to hold a item requiring a signature for 5 days before sending it back Today is July12th not even 24hours later!!!

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Mack, Ohio, United States #679892

UPS policy is not to hold a package for five days, unless you specifically ask to put it on will call, then it is.

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