It all started Dec. 12th 2013, i went to 383 Greber Gatineau Qc to reclaim a package that was sent under my name but paid by my mother.

He did not want to give me my package even though i had a tracking # my mothers credit card # witch its the same card she used to pay it, so yes of course i was very upset my mother called him directly. So he ended up giving me the package since of course all of our information was right. His attitude was unpleasent when asking him for his name he refused to give it to me so asked to speak with his boss, he refused to give me a # to contact him. So of course i left the UPS counter swearing and very upset.

Today December 20th i went back at the same counter same guy, my mother called him to make sure he had all the right information so he can serve me better and yes i had all my info with me, he had the nerve to tell my mother over the phone that he refuses to give me my packages that were under my name and ALREADY PAID FOR.

With christmas coming i dont have my package, have to return them by phone and send it to another location. It was our first experience with UPS and i can promise it's my last, and i will be telling every one about my bad service with UPS



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