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I understand UPS has a system for delivering packages and giving notice when they are not able to reach someone. It's not a bad system when handled properly. But when a customer knows a package is coming and so they read a book in the living room all afternoon with no music or distraction of tv to make sure they do not miss the sound of the apartment buzzer, and the driver doesn't even try... Let's just say a young woman who doesn't normally get angry at customer service reps (because she has been one before) had to talk herself down before calling the person who controls the movement of the driver.

I literally waiting for 6 hours in silence so I wouldn't miss the package. Had I gotten my apple watch like I was supposed to, I would not have considered it a waste of a day. I even didn't do my laundry so that sound wouldn't possibly drown out the sound of the buzzer. The driver never buzzed it, not once. In order to give the benefit of the doubt, I went outside and tested it. It works perfectly. Even with my door closed, I could hear it from outside the building. Then when I got the call back from dispatch that he was too far away to bring it today, I asked for a customer satisfaction website. Pretty sure that puppy doesn't exist. I'm so angry I could spit nails.

It is one thing if he missed me, but he didn't. The *** probably wrote out the slip and didn't even attempt to deliver. I'm so disappointed that I'm actually raving online. This is something I never saw myself doing, and here I am sitting in my living room typing out the anger I fell for another human being who is too lazy and *** to push a button.

The sad part is that I would have not considered it a waste of my day had he been successful. I would have been grateful and told him that I hope the rest of his route goes well. I would have smiled and been kind. At this point, I have nothing nice to say to him at all. I know many people cuss people out. That simply isn't my style. But I would love the opportunity to give the delivery person a bloody nose. Some people are just too *** I guess to be expected to drive a truck and push a buzzer. My expectations are just to high for Americans anymore.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You are now barred from any future deliveries due to making threats of violence against a Driver.

You would do well to tread lightly when you go in to pick up future shipments, as threats of violence towards the staff will result in the Cops being called.

Threats against Employees are never taken lightly!

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