Memorial Day Week End 2014:

I purchased a router from Amazon as my current was broken. I had it shipped over night the Friday before Memorial day as I couldn't wait till the following Tuesday to have my internet access restored. I am a photographer and needed to upload client images to the web for them to view as promised.

At 1:29pm I received a UPS My Choice email alert that a delivery attempt was made at 11:53am. This made my head explode! I sat at home waiting specifically for the UPS delivery but no one ever showed up, rang my intercom buzzer or front doorbell and no info notice was left on the building door or my front door.

I called UPS and after spending 5 minutes trying to get their *** automated system to connect me to a human being after it's annoying attempts to persuade me that the information it supplied me with is all they have, I was told by the human that there's nothing I can do, I have till wait till Tuesday. I can't go to the depot to pick it up as they are closed and she has no way to contact the location directly as they communicate only via email and it wouldn't be seen until Tuesday. I asked to make a complaint and I couldn't even do that. She did say with Saturday/Overnight deliveries they usually attempt to deliver the package more than once that same day.

This is so incompetent and dishonest on UPS' part. If someone pays to have something delivered overnight, it's more than likely important/urgent that it is delivered right away. So for them to not even attempt to deliver it and lie about doing so without leaving proof of attempt is completely disgusting. Now since I work during the daytime all week and there's no one for them to leave it with, I have to travel to a another borough which isn't easy to get to and in a desolate part of the Bronx.

How and why should I have confidence in them that they are competent enough or even capable to perform the very service they are being paid for? They have set up they're 'contact us' system so you can't even make a complaint.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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