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Wanted a quote for a parcel delivered and the staff was so rude and abrupt the line manager told me to F off and get out of his office and a lady on the telephone told me not to disturb her or else she had reddish hair i think she called her self Julie these people were not helpful and the customer is always right. I am so unhappy at the way your office at Avonmouth treated me as i was a genine customer and no customer should be abused and shouted at this is not good business practice.

This happened in October 2013 so i am really annoyed with the office staff at UPS i have heard from several people in Avonmouth that they have encountered similar problems at this UPS department these people are not fit to run your Business and should be investigated . I am so annoyed many thanks David

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Manager.

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Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States #760103

while I can feel your pain with how you were treated there's one thing that you stated that i'm sorry but you are 100% wrong about

the customer is NOT always right. that is a marketing gimmick that was made up to make customers feel better about themselves.

it does not however give them the right to treat people like dirt just because you're spending your money there. that being said however if you had been threatened as you claim you were by the employee I would have contacted the police, filed a formal complaint about the threat that was made to yourself and then filed a complained with the main UPS officer wherever that is located or call their 1800# and make sure you get as much info from the person you talk to. as in their name some type of # or whatnot that documents your complaint is being taken seriously.

and then if all else fails bring your complaint to the local tv stations they love this type of drama. but complaining on a board such as this where the likelihood of ANYONE from the company who could do anything about it is in all likelihood NOT going to happen.

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