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So I ordered a couple of things from Avon to give to relatives for Christmas. They (Avon) sent me an e-mail on the 11th saying "Hey, it's been shipped, you can track it starting tomorrow".

So on the 12th I start tracking it, and yesterday the 14th, it arrived at the local UPS hub. It didn't get delivered yesterday, but I chalked that up to them being really busy--it IS Christmastime, after all. So here it is, 9:00-ish on the evening of the 15th, and it hasn't been delivered. The tracking site still says it's on the truck for delivery today.

Here's two kickers: 1), they delivered a package earlier this afternoon to my next door neighbor, after they left the firehouse several doors down; and 2), the UPS facility my package is coming from is not even ten minutes away, in the same d**n city I live in! (I live in Southern Indiana) Two days, and it hasn't been delivered yet? That's not Christmas rush, that's incompetence. I haven't called yet because I know when I do I'll end up in jail.

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