San Diego, California
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I received a notice that a delivery was missed. It said that the next day the package would be delivered between 2-5.

I cleared my schedule for this delivery. It is now 9pm and still no delivery. I contacted ups and they said that the package could be delivered at 10. I need to be home to receive this package.

I am upset because I have wasted a whole day waiting for this package. If it doesn't come today then I have til Monday because my package type doesn't ship on weekends. Wtf!

I never had this kind of a problem with fed ex. Ups u are ***!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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UPS is just a ridiculous company!! I scheduled a pick up the first time and waited from 9am (the appointment time is from 9am to 1pm) till all day but no one from the UPS has come.

I got so angry and called their customer service to talk about this issue. How they answer was that there might be some accident due to the weather condition (it was sunny that day by the way, hahaha!!) or other reasons, but this doesn't happen usually. The best way I can schedule another pick up. And I DID!!!

The second time is scheduled from 9am to 12pm, I waited until 3pm and there's still not yet anyone coming! I called again, the representative was totally wordless because it's already the second time and it's sunny again by the way!!! Finally she said usually the driver will drop by before 6pm. I was thinking, if it is 6pm, why schedule from 9am to 12pm??

Again, I missed my school appointment!

Now I learned my lesson! I'll never use UPS, this *** company again!

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