I took to UPS Store a keyboard, weight about 5#, Dim about 30" x 10" x 6", for packing (w/50% off coupon packaging) and ground shipped to Lehighton, PA zip 18235. The bill, was $109.33.

The more I thought the angrier I became.

I've notified the recipient to keep packaging and I will be lodging a complaint w/UPS upper admin, as well as disputing it w/Visa I contacted UPS and got a happy little form letter that the UPS is an independent contractor and UPS can do nothing. I am outraged and will be spreading the word.

Monetary Loss: $109.

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The UPS Store locations are independently owned and franchised through UPS(the company), as I work at a The UPS Store location, myself. The comments before me are totally correct.

A large keyboard like that does need to be packed properly (which would be at least two inches of packing peanuts, bubble wrap on electronics-your keyboard- and foam planking for electronics weighing over 10 pounds; not to mention the over sized cardboard carton it requires). Time is also of essence to the employee, as I have noticed, you have gone during The UPS Store's busy season, and that is included in the packing charge. UPS would be responsible for the shipping charge, and that is a large package. Did you take into consideration where it was going, or if you included any service options, such as insurance?

I wonder, why do you disputed it with your creditor? Didn't you sign and authorize The UPS Store to charge the amount to your account?


The people posting to this site are really turning to the dumm side. Lets count your level of dumm!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Your complaint is against The UPS Store and not UPS why on earth you would file your complaint to the UPS page instead of the UPS Store page. DUMM!!!

2. I am sure UPS is happier then heck that you are going to get the word out about the UPS Store being a franchise they take a cut of the profits. DUMM 2X!!!!

3. Having used a UPS Store on my receipt it breaks down the box size and how much it cost the cost of the packing material and labor. You provide none of that info. Why Not?

4. I am outraged that you are so Dumm.


If you think you're being overcharged, then you leave the store. You can't pay for it, sign the credit card slip, and then dispute it later.

It doesn't work like that.

If the keyboard itself is 30x10x6, then after packaging the box is going to be something like 36x16x12, to ensure it's safety in transit. That's a large box.

$109.33 does sound a little high, but not outrageous. Packaging and shipping large electronics is not cheap.

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