Asheville, North Carolina
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I placed an order last week and the vendor had the package to ups before 7 am the next day. The shipment was supposed to be 3 day shipping.

This is now Thursday of the following week and no package, better yet UPS doesn't even know where it is now. They at first delayed the shipment saying the shipper got it to them too late, even though UPS's own website even states it was there before 7 am for shipping. The website however also shows the package never left their Edison, NJ location.

After 2+ hours on the phone with them, they stated they could see where it was scanned in Raleigh, NC ( again doesn't show on the website ), so even if they have actually found the package it's still not going to be here on their own adjusted delivery date. This is just a joke of a shipping company and whenever I find any other option than using UPS I certainly will use that option.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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As an update on this one. I called UPS this evening, after not getting my package again of course, and the young lady I spoke with actually tried to insinuate I was lying that it'd been pushed back twice now until she finally looked it up!

Then she informed me that they were very busy and there was nothing she could do, so if I didn't have any more questions .............! Seriously where does this company hire it's call center employees?