Troy, Michigan
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I am extremely upset with my experience. I have been waiting on a very important package for three days.

Day one I saw online a delivery was attempted at the address (by the way at least 5 people were at the address all day and never saw a UPS driver let alone its a business). There was no delivery attempt and also no tag was left. I called UPS to see what the problem was, We confirmed the address and they said we will send it out tomorrow. I gave the benefit of the doubt, Day two no delivery.

I called AGAIN!!!!! I was told it would be delivered by end of day. This is a very important presentation piece needed for a dinner the following day. I told rep if I don't receive it by END OF DAY yesterday I will pick it up in the evening.

She misunderstood me and placed in on hold at the distribution center. I called back after receiving an email telling me this. I spoke w/ two different people. The International Dept was very nice and said we will change it and it will go out for delivery the next day.

Day three- I check tracking online, it's telling me it is being held again. I called spoke with yet another rep who was not helping, I than spoke with a manager who was so unprofessional and *** Basically telling me the only way I will get it is if I pick it up. For several minutes of arguing and not helping me. She says all that can be done is I pick it up at the dist center.

Mind you this all started because of the driver not even showing up the first day saying he was there. So now I am having to drive at least 30 miles one way to pick this up for this evenings dinner due to your incompetence and negligence. I am beyond done with UPS.

We also have a business and I will be sure to change to Fed Ex or DHL. The way I was treated was inexcusable.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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