One package was out for delivery Dec 19,2011. I received it Jan 2,2012.

Another was perishable fruit with a guaranteed Dec 25th delivery.

I received it Jan 3,2012. I go and meet my driver,but with UPS's new Gps system it is out of my drivers hands,he doesn't have a choice about it,he has always provided great service but it seems UPs has reached its peak and will go down from here.I live in a rural area and we can't wait 2 weeks for a well pump,or car parts we need them ASAP,UPS get your act together or some other service will take your business,YOU SHOULD CARE!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Ups gets slower and slower. I GET MY *** AT 8:00 PM EVERY TIME. Fed Ex is way faster!


USPS is mad cheaper and mad quicker at delivery


there was delay due to weather around christmas time... things were delayed due to bad weather not UPS's fault!

prob had these things delivered due to the weather and wonder why UPS had the same problem!

if you need them ASAP you have a pay a price for next day or 2 day service!!! i never order anything to be shipped during the holiday rush!


Just call them and troll lol jk

why would you buy perishable fruit and have it delivered? you are *** :cry :cry :cry :cry

Move closer or buy your *** from a store..


nothing from any shipper would be guaranteed the 25th...

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