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I was expecting a package from England to arrive the first week of June, which turned out to be delayed. The sender contacted me in a panic, saying UPS had emailed him saying that the package was stuck at customs and, if we did not contact them within two days, the package would be abandoned.

Of course, I immediately called and was told that the deadline was now moot because they had caused a delay in the sending and that all was fine, it was to be delivered that same day. I waited all day, checking the tracking, and noticed it hadn't moved by 4:00 pm. I called again, only to be told that the paperwork had been sent to my city, but the package itself was sent to a city two hours away. It would be delivered the next day, they assured me.

Again, waiting all the next day, checking the tracking, when I suddenly get a message saying "Error: address is incorrect." I looked out my window, only to see the UPS driver leave the apartment complex across the street (with a similar address) and never even stop at my building. I called AGAIN and confirmed that the address was, indeed, correct. I told them that I would just pick up the package. They said it could be picked up the next day, but I said I needed it that night.

They contacted my local UPS depot who called me and said to be there between 6:30 and 7:00 pm. When I arrived, a few minutes early, I was greeted by a very rough and rude woman who rolled her eyes when I explained that I was told to be here at this time and that my package would be ready. Finally, it was handed to me, with a broken box and part of the item sticking out and scratched.

Very, very disappointed. Besides losing the package altogether (which I wouldn't put past them), they could not have done a worse job.

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