I was waiting for a package from the US when it finally got hear in Canada. UPS contacted me via email.

the package showed up at my house, I was not at home at the time. the driver left me there info Notice I call there 1-800 number they told me that I had to wait until the the next day. I asked them to hold it at there warehouse and I will pick it up. I called the next day and the customer service rep and asked her is my package there at the warehouse she told me that it was on the truck for delivery so I waited another day for my package.

then went on there website today and now it says waiting for pick up I went to the warehouse and my package was not there. the man at the counter said that he would call the driver to have the package dropped. I have had no call back from the man at the counter to tell me when it would be at my house it is now 6:45 Alberta time and still no call and no driver.

I feel that I have bin given the run around from them now I have bin waiting two days to get my package from them. this is ridiculous the big companies *** on the little guy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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