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On May 7, 2012, I shipped 18 boxes to my daughter who moved to Miami. One box by UPS because it contained more fragile items and the other 17 boxes via USPS. All boxes had Prepaid Pre-printed computer-generated shipping labels and bills of lading. All packages had the requisite plastic envelope to contain that label.

The one UPS shipment required waiting in line at the Needham UPS store for more than 42 minutes to get a receipt. The line was out the door. Shipping 17 packages with USPS took about7 minutes in total.

Two of the boxes reached my daughter in 2 days by USPS - faster than their standard and faster than what UPS was supposed to do. The remaining USPS boxes arrived within their shipping standard.

The UPS-handled box got as far as Miami and then, per their tracking system, disappeared. I wasted over an hour with an Illiterate in their Manila call-center attempting file a lost package claim. That was May 11. On May 15, the box strangely returned to me minus the shipping label and instructions. UPS first told me that they would have to now charge me, 2nd fee, for returning this lost package back to me!

The next day UPS itself shipped the package to my daughter. It was eventually delivered with three china items broken. Remember the point of using UPS was better service, in theory, and insurance. I called in an attempt to file a claim and in two telephone calls that went to Manila I was variously bounced around for over an hour until someone said that first I need to know the actual damage repair cost.

On June 9, UPS followed up by billing me for now the second, and finally successful, shipment. So, in theory they wanted me to pay 3 times for the package they lost, broke, and delivered in a ridiculously long time period.

Today, with all receipts in hand, I attempted to use to enter the claim but neither the first nor the second tracking numbers were acceptable, as if the shipments never had existed.

I called UPS and waited in *** and eventually spoke to a representative in Manila who refused to tell me how to file a claim, and refused to give me a number for the Claims department. Over a period of more than 2 hours on the telephone I was variously forwarded, put on hold, and dropped call, needing to restart. When I finally reached someone who understood English, she attempted to explain to me why I should have been billed for UPS sending me back my own misrouted package, Then she tried to tell me that it was unclear they could accept the claim. Finally she took the information telling me to expect a call back!

I suspect that will be most unlikely.

I repeat, USPS delivered every single package cheaper, faster, and in better condition than UPS. The one caveat is use on the on-line system to produce a computer-generated shipping label for USPS.


So now its been two business days since I posted the earlier note. In that time I have been three times promised a call back. Attempted to reach the "Claims Dept." through a telephone auto-attendant that refuses to offer the remote chance that UPS even suffers aclaim. It does not accept "agent" representative" "damage" claim" or "human" Eventually, again you reach Manila - good luck.

Finally in my third call of the day, after no less than three transfers I reached a "Todd" in Tampa who explained to me that the reason I could not enter or initiate a claim on the online system was because a claim had already been started- which was back in May when they lost the box for 2 weeks. The second tracking number which was the one used when they reattempted to ship, and attempted to charge me a second and even third time for making delivery of the box which had been pre-paid to start - that tracking number was also not eligible to be used to enter a claim. So they took my insurance premium and my delivery fee, but ... So he's explaining yet again that some 2-1/2 months from when I started the claims process now they are going to go out to Miami to my daughters apartment t examine the box which by now of course has been trashed. When I explain that they had told me I first needed to get the items repaired or replaced before I could submit the costs, he started to explain again [no doubt something bout how they could find more argument about not processing the claim] but the line went dead - it being on the thirds or fourth transfer. Since my telephone number is on all the tracking numbers and I have given it every single time I have called, you would think UPS would have the minimal intelligence to call me back? Don't even think about it!

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