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I had a package that UPS was supposed to deliver on 2/3/11. I sat around most of the day waiting for them to show up, then late in the afternoon I hear the UPS truck come up to my house.

I stood at the door and watched as it was parked in front of my house for about 2 minutes before leaving. No package no nothing. A few hours later I checked the status online and it said"Emergency conditions beyond UPS' control" Hmm, maybe they forgot to load the package on the truck. This happened a few months back so it wouldn't surprise me.

It also changed the delivery date to 2/4. The next day I sat around waiting yet again, now at 5pm I find the "Out for delivery" message replaced with the same emergency message as yesterday with a new date of 2/8. Needless to say, this upset me so I tried to find a number to call for UPS in Holister, MO. The first number didn't pick up, and the second had me talking to a computer with no options to talk to a human.

UPS is the worst carrier out there.

I have had nothing but problems with them over the years. Use Fed EX or the USPS if given the option..

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Same exact problem here and I got even more frustrated when I tried calling, only to get some automated ***. My overnight shipment suddenly turned into 4 days. I sent some emails, but I doubt I'm going to get anything informative in response, just some scripted BS.