We are located in North Plainfield, NJ and have had a continual problem for last 10 years with a driver who works out of the Chimney Rock Rd off rt 22 east in Bound Brook, NJ location. His supervisors and upper management have done nothing to resolve this harassment including his confrontational nature, lying about UPS's policies as well as damaging packages by kicking holes in them or throwing them around.

He has misrepresented his direct manager by stating that he was told to photograph our packages after they are in our hall, when his supervisor stated that he was never told to do that. He has said that it is UPS's policy for a customer to assist with a heavy delivery when the real policy is to wait until the last delivery of the day and request assistance from a fellow driver. Last December of 2011, he left a 75 lb, 7 foot carton booby trapping our downstairs door that would prevent us from leaving our apartment in case of a fire or the need to flee in case of an emergency. He also endangered the lives of the family who lives downstairs from us, including husband, wife and their two very small children.

I have had lies told to us by their corporate office in Georgia as well has he is being shielded and allowed to continue this type of harassment with little to no interception from his immediate management. He has 10 years of complaints against him and UPS is being used by him to commit actions against their policies and mission statement. We have asked UPS to put him on another route to help with this issue, but they refuse to do so. We try to NEVER use companies that utilize the services of UPS, but that is impossible at time.

Is there anyone who can give us some guidance in this matter.

Please email me at fre*dt*9*8*7@yahoo.com (remove the asterisk). In advance, thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Manager.

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