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I have ordered a package of two items to be delivered on 24th of December, 2009. Of course the payment for quick deliver to assure guarantee of the delivery dated added to my payment when I checked out.

On 23rd of December, 2009, I have checked the tracking site for information on my order.

I found that it was for delivery on 24th of December and was on time. It was actually displayed that it would make on that time saying "on time delivery". I was happy and satisfied about the information. Assured of its delivery, I checked again on 24th in the morning to see where the package is.

They say there has been an "exception" and that the package was "THE RECEIVER REQUESTED A HOLD FOR A FUTURE DELIVERY DATE. UPS WILL ATTEMPT DELIVERY ON DATE REQUESTED / DELIVERY RESCHEDULED". This is what it says on the tracking page, right on this second. I have called 4 times to check how the receiver, being my self, requested such when I haven't called at all.

They said they will look into that and call me back, however I had to call back for no one called back in an hour that they promised. They charged me with false accusation of me requesting of change of delivery date and was not able to let me even pick up my item for Christmas.

I say hang those bastards and lynch them!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #49113

December 2009, what are you guys from the future or something. Tell me something who won the Stanley Cup and World Series in 2009.

I want to take a bet and make sure I win it. If I do this Back to the Future style I will be rich even in this recession.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #49110

You checked your tracking on December 24th 2009, why it is still 2008.


I have a similar issue. However my hase some intresting complications.

I ordered a package to be delivered using the three day select delivery method. This was on the 19th of december 2009. The package had an estimated delvery date of the 24th. This was acceptable.

However the package somehow was delivered and signed for on the 20th. The signiture on file was that of my wife. The problem with this was that my wife and I were not at home all day. The package was said to be delivered at 3:30 pm.

No one was there at this time. Even more intresting is that the signiture looked like a photo copy of my wifes signiture for a package that was delivered on the 19th by UPS. The item that turned up missing was a very expensive item. It was insured.

I called the company i ordered the item from on the 23rd and they shipped another for overnight delivery. I received a call from UPS at 9am on the 23rd stating the item was out for delivery. at noon, i looked at the package progress and it was re-scheduled for the 26th? This was odd, I have been wasiting all morning for the package!

I called UPS and they said a representitive from the Hub responsible for the delivery woul contact me within an hour. Two hours later, no call! I called back and they said again, that someone will call back in an hour, two more hours later...

nothing, To let you know, the address on the package according to UPS is the correct address. This is why i never use UPS when I can avoid it.

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