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Took the whole day off for delivery (scheduled from 9 to 7pm: not very impressive for a courier). At 5h30 pm noticed a piece of paper passed through the door... "you were not in, will have to re-schedule etc." It was a long week end, meaning my parcel would not arrive for 4 days.

The driver never bothered to ring the rather loud bell, and could not be bothered with our (heavy) package. Called the UPS calling center, the woman (Joan) tells me that i can just drive to pick up my parcel at their depot. I asked her 3 times to confirm that if i am to drive to the depot now, my parcel will be there (i explain her that this statement implies that the driver drove directly back to the depot after "attempting" to deliver the package!). She assures me that this is the case. Either she too cannot be bothered or she is not operating at full mental capacity!. We drive to the depot (Dartford, UK) - 30 minutes drive. Of course the parcel was not there, and we waited over 1 hour to finally meet the young driver who is literally lying to my face and tells me he knocked the door and that he had rung the bell etc. Two other customers were with us at the depot with the same problem! We tried to laugh about it but it is not easy as we are all basically doing UPS' job by picking up our parcels at the depot!

With all that, the whole time all these people tel me that if i want to log a complaint, I should go online. I just went online, UPS does not offer any traceable way (linked to the driver) to log a complaint. I have no idea how they can get away with that! Will never use this company ever again and will inform the merchant that used them to ship their goods to us that they were robed of their money !

What i do not understand is the logic of all that: the driver has to load the heavy package and had to unload it from the truck anyway !!??

Is it that by shaving 5 min here and there, the driver improves their salary (are they on a very tight schedule ?). Is skipping stops making up for loss time and thus prevent a loss of salary?

The invoice number is 9826 5822 0120.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

I didn't like: Very poor service.

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