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I was expecting an urgent delivery by Monday, December 22nd, by noon. At 12:30pm I called UPS to indicate that my online tracking information was still suggesting that my package would arrive by noon this same day.

The individual at the call center assured me my package would arrive by 8pm that night. I was very specific that this was a business credit card I was waiting for as I had business travel scheduled for the afternoon of Tuesday, December 23rd. The individual noted that if my package did not arrive by 8pm Monday evening, they would inform the dispatch center to hold my package so I could pick it up Tuesday morning. They also assured me that I would receive a call between 8am and 10am on Tuesday morning to inform me as to when and where I could pick up my package.

I received no follow up phone call on Tuesday morning. I also noted online Tuesday morning that my package was out for delivery again despite the commitment from UPS that my package would be available for pickup. It was, again, supposed to arrive by noon. I called UPS and inquired, again, as to where my package was and the fact that I had to leave on my business trip by 1pm Tuesday afternoon.

I also inquired as to why I received no follow up call, as promised, and why they did not follow their own protocol to hold my package at the depot facility. UPS had no explanation and advised me they would, once again, send an "urgent" message to disptach. I monitored my online tracking number closely. I also stayed at home for 2 days waiting for my package to arrive since it required a signature.

At 4pm on Tuesday, December 23d, I noticed that my online tracking profile said "driver attempted delivery. No response at home." I was livid and called UPS again since this was a fraudulent statement. There was no attempt. No one came to the door.

The individual at the call center was apologetic and informed me that someone would call me by 7pm that evening. I mentioned that I had to cancel my business trip, at my personal cost, because of their incompetence. Of course, no one called me. I called UPS again to inform them that I wanted to speak to a manager or supervisor because, now, my delivery time was updated to Friday, December 27th, 5 days after guaranteed delivery time.

I was told a manager or supervisor would call me back. I, again, received no phone call. The individual at the call center became very rude and effectively told me that they only communicate with their dispatch center through e-mail. They are unable to provide any additional information.

She also clarified that they can only put in a request to hold a package or to ask for a follow up call, but in fact, there is no way for UPS to track whether any of this has happened. I then asked to be directed to their formal complaints line. They noted that they had no such department. I could complain online by filling out a form.

Effectively, the company does not care that they do not adhere to their guaranteed timelines, and they care even less that the customer may have suggestions or complaints as to how to improve their services.

I am disappointed and absolutely shocked at the sheer incompetence and level of service I have experienced with UPS. I will never again use their services and will endeavor to pubilicize their poor business practices at every opportunity.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Columbia, Kentucky, United States #763714

There are a number of news articles about UPS having serious delivery problems this year. Look for them online.

Some were caused by the weather across the USA this past week or so, but most apparently are the result of UPS simply not anticipating the volume and demand for delivery of items purchased from online websites. Too many packages needing to be delivered and not enough staff to deliver them. Management really seems to have messed this up. Heads will no doubt roll at UPS.

That's what happens at private companies when mistakes like this happen---not with government websites, tho. I am in the same boat, with two packages not delivered by Christmas.

Try to avoid UPS is my only suggestion, but also complain to the company you bought the stuff from. They need to know.

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