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horrifyingly bad experience with claims dept and non customer servive at UPS. sent my sister a CAST IRON LeCrueset oval baking dish.

it arrived shattered,not just broken,but shattered.filed a claim,denied.they said improperly packed. I absolutely dispute that and that person is LYING. That same day I sent handblown glass plate and a bottle of wine which arrived intact. both packed the same but cast iron dish like it exploded.

filed 2 claims, both denied, asked to have item shipped back to me,impossible, because my gift had been thrown in the trash, have called at 10 times,talked to customer service, claims, supervisors, corporate and my local store. Nothing ,not one single person could help. I am just completely stunned that this company and it's braindead employees could be so *** obtuse. What kind of horrible handleing shatter a CAST IRON baking dish.

There is no recourse for me because my dish is in the trash.I am so thourghly disgusted I will never spend one penny on ups,

this company is absolutely deplorable. I'm furious furious furious, the WORSTaahv

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Dallas, Texas, United States #581995

I would be more concerned that you get on a public message board and admit to violating Federal Law.

Shipping any type of alchoic beverages is punishable by up to 5 yrs in the Penitentary, and $250,000 fine.

Not the best idea to admit to a Felony !

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