Ok, I NEVER complain about services online, but UPS has really pushed me over the edge.I ordered a phone online, and UPS gave me a near two week delivery time (for a 7 day delivery).

That would have been ok, if they were able to meet that date, but no! There was "sorry, we were unable to load your package onto the plane" (seriously? It was sitting there for 4 days waiting for the plane, how in the world was it missed?), and "sorry, due to severe weather conditions, we are unable to deliver your package" (I live in the area, there is no severe weather unless you now call drizzle severe weather!!).

Then, when it finally makes it into my city, I can't be home to get the package, so I call UPS to keep it at a store so I can pick it up the next day.

The rep confirmed it will be at the store TWICE, gave me the address and told me everything was set. When I check the website a few hours later though (out of paranoia from everything that has happened to my package so far), of course it will not be held at that store because "Delivery to UPS Access Point™ unsuccessful; a second attempt at the receiver's address will be made"?!?? So if I had gone into the store like UPS told me to, I would never have gotten my package, and yet you did not even bother to tell me?

As a side note, not trying to make any personal attacks, but where do you hire your customer service reps?I used to work at a restaurant, and honestly, most of the reps I talked to sounded creepier than the people that used to make prank calls when I worked...

After I noticed that the package will not be delivered to the store like I was told, I called UPS again and asked what was going on. I was told that the store was full and they could not take another package... So in my head I'm imagining this warehouse store that's exploding with packages, with oompa loompas trying to fit in just one more package (mine) and failing... of course knowing UPS, I knew this wasn't true, but whatever. Fine, as angry as I was, I calmly told the person on the phone that I would stay home the next day since I really needed a new phone since my old one just died on me.

Fast forward to today, I stay home from work waiting for this package that is now more travelled than I will ever be, and nothing shows up. I check on UPS's website and what do I see? Ohh they've successfully changed my delivery method and my package will be reserved in store! Honestly UPS, is your existence to torture me?! So I then go into the store thinking at the very least I'll still have my phone today, but NO, my package is not there either, it's on the frickin truck! And of course, like every good UPS employee, the person has no clue when it will get there and to call tomorrow.

I swear from this day on, I will refuse to buy from anyone that uses UPS as a carrier. I will personally drive to where the package is to pick it up before I will let UPS touch anything else of mine again! Rant over.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

UPS Pros: Tracking, Usual service.

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