My husband works for the UPS twilight shift and has been at the hub for a great deal. Though he manages to keep two jobs (an 8-5, and a 5-9 at UPS) he is doing a great deal at UPS to keep busy and focus on loading boxes on the trucks.

One thing that gets me though is the fact that some of the workers do a lot less and get the same pay as my husband, sometimes even more because of the higher "status" they have achieved (a.k.a seniority). Its frustrating sometimes to hear that my husband had to work harder since a person or people on his belt have/had been slacking off.

Also, it seems as though drug testing seems slack, since my husband has worked on the twilight and midnight shift and he has continually seen many men get "high" before both shifts. I think that the lack of drug testing has caused many of the workers to become slack and thus there is a dire need to have a stronger stance on the use of drugs before work.

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I am a female employee at ups. You can not be lazy if you work at ups.

Loading trucks is hard work . Lazy people quit the first week or two. Senority issues don't really matter to me except that you have to wait if you want a different position.

As for drug testing, I wish they would, but unfortunatelu that would wipe out the majority of people.

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Your Husband has been there how long ?

When he has been there 15+ years, THEN we will see if he can keep up the pace he has now !


Lately UPS seems to be hiring more females in their ground hub. That is great and all, but it seems as though they are looking at a female's "hotness" before the female's "abilities" at the specified hub.

I think that its great to have diversity in the hubs but I have heard that there was more bias in the hubs to hire less males that are eligible and have the physical strength to lift the heavy boxes and hire more females that just could not hold and lift heavy boxes. Whereas I am not biased about women working in the physical labor field, it seems as though some of the people in their HR department are not showing an effort to hire the right people that are efficient for the job.

Again, I do not state that women should not work in this field; I know plenty that they can work in the air hubs and work with less heavy packages. But there should be an understanding that efficiency is the best priority for both hubs and ability should be the first and foremost in any company's hiring situations.

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