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First off, UPS lost my Package, the shipper had to call them so that they could find it. My package has been in calgary since December 20th and I have yet to receive it (it is now January 06, 2014) and still no package. On several occassions I stayed home (missed work) to receive my package and never received, even though their online system it said that there were attempts made; but my apartment unit was never buzzed and I was at home during all of those "attempts". I understand that they are busy during this christmas season but this is very unacceptable. I should have received this package 2 weeks ago.

I called the Customer Service line on numerous occassions they reasshured me that my package would be delivered many times but, still no package. They always tell me that they would follow up but never received any phone calls.

Very unreliable, untrustworthy and very mean!!

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Miami, Florida, United States #780785

I agree.

Newark, New Jersey, United States #769822


Have you looked at the complaints on this site related to FedEx or the post office.

Same crybabies as you. Are you all related?

to just guessing #770110

You sound like you work for one of them. That's my guess. Crybabies - is that the best you can do?

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