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I am in the process of having the worst customer service experience I have ever had with any company. I missed my initial delivery yesterday, and as given a redelivery window of today between 10:30am-2pm. Beginning earlier than 10:30am today, I have been waiting for my packages. It is now 6:30pm and I after multiple assurances that my packages will be delivered by the 7pm end of day if I would just be patient, I have just been informed by your customer service center that the (and I do in fact quote) "have no idea" where my packages are. To give you a little perspective of the day:

10:00am: Speak with a driver delivering packages to my next door neighbor who states that he attempted the delivery yesterday, but did not have room on his truck and believes the packages will be coming on another truck today. He also assures me that I will have my delivery by 7pm (end of business day today).

4:30pm: (this now being 1 1/2 hrs past your approximate delivery time) talk initially with an agent who lies over the phone to me and tells me that there is no way of contacting a driver. Incidentally, I do object on principle to any company policy that encourage a system of lying to customers. This seems to be extremely wrong for a company that prides itself on being considered “ethical” as per your website. I ask to speak to a supervisor who agrees to contact the center (Quincy) and states that they will call me with an approximate delivery time within 1 hour.

5pm: Speak with the same driver as before (who is again in my immediate vicinity). He still doesn’t have my packages.

5:30pm Call again, having not received any information within the 1 hour window. Speak with another supervisor who states that Quincy's phone was down and that is why I have not received any information, but that the main center received notification that 1. Quincy's phone was down and 2. that my packages would be delivered between 6 and 7 pm. No answer as to why no one from the main center was able to relay this message.

6:10pm Another UPS driver comes to deliver a package to my neighbor who lives in Apt 1. Asked him whether he had my packages. He informs me that he was contacted by Quincy regarding when he would be at my address and that he told them he would be here between 6 and 7pm.

6:30pm Call again and speak with a supervisor. After some waiting and checking, am told the following:

1. There has been some confusion regarding the package for me and the package for my neighbor despite that fact that 1. I had been giving the notice number with each call that was filled out the previous day by your driver and clearly lists the correct name, address, and number of packages and 2. Individuals on the phone with me had been correctly identifying the name and number of packages on the phone to me with each discussion. Unclear where this confusion originated, since I have been given the notice number and confirming the name and number of packages with each conversation.

2. They "have no idea" where my packages are.

3. Despite numerous promises that I would have my packages at the end of the day, it was unlikely to happen.

4. It was unclear whether anyone would be able to locate or tell me where my packages are this evening.

5. I would very likely have to repeat this entire process tomorrow.

I would have to say that this has been an extremely unpleasant experience and it would be very unlikely that I would ever use your services again. In particular, I have several concerns regarding how this has been handled.

1. Obviously, I find it concerning that a shipment company could have trouble locating packages.

2. Customer service supervisors told me several times that I could use a more expensive service which would guarantee delivery by a certain time, or that I could pick the packages up myself (assuming that they could be found). I find it concerning that they are essentially stating that their basic service is inadequate. I am using your service in the hopes of having inexpensive, basic transportation for goods. If this requires either purchasing a higher level of service or essentially performing self service by picking up packages, this is of no use to me.

3. Please don’t have your service employees lie to customers. I was told repeatedly by agents that it was impossible to contact the drivers or to know where they were. Clearly as supervisors were able to do so, this is not the case.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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You are's only one package and one time for you!

We have had repeated problems for the past 3 years. We don't even get any attempted deliveries during the winter months...they say they aren't allowed to use their tire chains because they will just get stuck and need a tow truck...exact words from the hub manager's mouth (Butte, MT).

We have tracked and traced so many packages that the DRIVER has entered lies about in their computer system, that we are tired of this!

We have written Atlanta, GA a single phone call about the issues...nothing since then, over 12 months!

I strongly suggest you get yourself a FedEx GROUND account and use the call tag system of "having your truck pick up your package from the vendor direct" least you get your stuff.