UPS is the worst company on the planet with the most absurd customer "service".

For the last decade, EVERY single time I've "had" to use their services, or expect a package sent by someone else, 100% of the times I've received an Exception email notifying me that I'd get it at a later time. Sometimes I don't even get an email and have to check the tracking info.

The latest excuse for a package supposed to be delivered on Thursday was that due to the high volume of packages due to the holiday season coming up it wasn't loaded on the truck, TWICE. So got the first exception it would arrive on Fri and then without a notification, I checked online and it got pushed to a Monday delivery.

Their excuse was the same I've been getting for years, that for ground shipping there is no guarantee, which also mean it could be delayed indefinitely.

If you have a choice, DO NOT use UPS, you are better off going with USPS since the delivery time will end up being just about the same, at 1/4 of the cost and less agitation.

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