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I know someone personally (regret) that often BRAGGED about how they would see on the delivery sticker what store the items were coming from and if they were of intrest they would OPEN the box! If they felt like it was their size or what ever else they considered they would STEAL it and pretend like it never came through UPS!

What a fraud and lack of respect for peoples money!! Ever since I found that out I avoid UPS at all cost!

I dont want to state names or locations because one day they will get caught but not by me. Has anyone else had this or similar experience?

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Yessss they are thieves! I am always having packages delivered to me with no problem I made the mistake of ordering a Fur coat “package delivered at 4:40 yeah right it’s gone!!

I am planning on confronting the driver when I see him and ask him where he left” this package. I hope the sender does their own investigation!! It’s disgusting that they would actually steal !!

Can’t believe there’s a thread ! Disgusting I tell you!!


Yes UPS drivers are stealing packages especially in the southern region. UPS closes investigation with a simple lost package.

Be persistent and have them reopen investigation to find and fire that employee.

Also ask seller if they use UPS and that you do not want to purchase that item. E bay sellers state that they use fed ex but then actually use UPS because it is cheaper for them but the buyer has to work to find out where that package is which is very stressful.


Never thought I would find a thread, but having issues with getting anybody to call me back for my husband. All of a sudden UPS claims that his package (an $800, 56 pound car hood) "can't be located" and they are doing a "dock search" for it.

The person I spoke with basically told me that there is no time frame to compete the "dock search" and to have the shipper re-send it.

Yeah, translation: one of our Low Lives stole your package, we won't admit to it, and just have it re-sent so we can maybe give it to you this time or maybe we won't. WTF??


Same here. Package stolen.

Package being sent to me just disappeared and “cannot be located.” Ha! Very funny.

The package was an Apple MacBook. We know exactly what happened.


UPS is stealing packages


UPS employeees ALWAYS steal ! Be aware !

Lake Wales,Florida Warehouse under Police investigation !

Either UPS Driver or warehouse worker stole my package with $1000 Florida State Lottery ticker winner ( proof of this ) power outage and no back up generator for cameras and employee of UPS STOLE my package ! BEWARE !!


Just happened to us. Package got delayed, we're told it was damaged, we got it today.

One of the 2 items shipped is missing, of course the valuable expensive one. I contacted my cousin who sent it, not his box, not his packing. The item was stolen by UPS people. Their tracking says they will notify the sender, twice.

He never heard a word. It says they discarded the damaged stuff.

Discarded my EYE. SOLD

to Anonymous #1548437

My $1000 package was STOLEN by @UPS employee ! Either driver or warehouse worker !

Power outage in Lake Wales,Fl warehouse no generator for back up for security cameras and $1000 package gone ! Lake Wales ,Fl police department are investigating !

BEWARE ! @UPS hires thieves !!


Yes, this just recently happened to us in Orcutt, CA. A box arrived re-packaged and missing $98.00 in goods.

We contacted Walmart who are re-sending the items and they said they are going to talk to UPS. It is bad enough having to worry about porch thieves, less lone UPS stealing stuff.


My package was also stolen by the ups driver. Ups won’t even return my call.

He said he delivered it but my apartment complex ran the footage and saw him entering the building but my package was never delivered. Smh

to Anonymous #1568102

What you need to do is email the CEO and down to get their attention. The corporate office is in Atlanta and the CEO is David Albany something like that, I email about 15 corporate big wigs and also CC a news outlet that deals with things like this.

I did that and received a call within 30 min from corporate. My package was supposed to be delivered on 9/21/18 and it said it was out for delivery and come to find out it was still in the ups hub and it would be delivered on 9/24/18 and guess, it was delivered and my grandfather who is 94 signed for it and one I got off work to pick it up, I only received a empty box and maybe that’s why is was missing on that Friday so the ups workers stole it


Just happened to me, and this isn't the first time with UPS. I recently ordered a new iPhone from Verizon, two day shipping.

Two days later no phone. So I track the package on the UPS website and the last update was at 5AM destination scan but the package was never loaded onto the truck. So I wait a day, same thing so I call Verizon who calls UPS and they say the package is "lost" in transit.

*** it was stolen. The Verizon rep wasn't at all surprised and said this happens somewhat often - I'll be picking up my phone from a Verizon store later this afternoon instead.


Perhaps UPS needs to re-evaluate it's hiring practices and try to *** out those who act, look and talk "odd." But, of course UPS is a unionized company so your best bet is to always try to have packages sent via FedEx---they are non-union.


I ordered Nike shows for my husband from Nike.com. The parcel says it arrived and was left at my front door.

I did not hear anyone rang a bell since I was home all day on Saturday. We lived in an apartment building so we looked in the mailroom and all over but no parcel.

UPS stole my parcel for sure. What a shame.


My son had a computer built for him - quite expensive. The package arrived at UPS on July 23rd and disappeared.

It is now under investigation they did find the box but it is empty. This is a felony crime and I believe the cops should be called in. I wonder how long it is going to take for my son to get his money back.

Really upset. He worked long and hard to save that money for his computer.


A recent shipment we made had 12 items in it. The original box was packaged and shipped by one of the UPS Stores.

When it arrived at the destination, only 8 items were found in the box. Someone took the most expensive items out and resealed the box.


My sneakers were never delivered, checked my security camera they never delivered the package yet it’ showed delivered, contacted ups and they don’t even want the clip and asked me to contact shipper what a joke


My UPS packages, from a store which is desirable to young people, are always -- for the last 6-8 months, over 12 packages, ALWAYS -- opened and things missing. This is from the San Pablo location in the East Bay.

Trashy, I know, but turn around for UPS employees is majorly high. Often times it is a first and last job for many future convicted criminals.


Ups took our package of Christmas gifts, claimed it was “lost” located the package a month later and delivered it after New Years. Upon receiving it our Daughter noticed it had been tampered with.

Further inspection would show that items were removed and tampered with, or I should say STOLEN!

They had time, the package was in their possession for over a month. We’re through with ups!

to K melange #1412551

They were selective about what they took. They only took the most expensive items and after a month they delivered the more worthless items.

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