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I know someone personally (regret) that often BRAGGED about how they would see on the delivery sticker what store the items were coming from and if they were of intrest they would OPEN the box!If they felt like it was their size or what ever else they considered they would STEAL it and pretend like it never came through UPS!

What a fraud and lack of respect for peoples money!! Ever since I found that out I avoid UPS at all cost!

I dont want to state names or locations because one day they will get caught but not by me.Has anyone else had this or similar experience?

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Bought a gun from Palmetto State Armory and they shipped it out to a FFL dealer. Dealer calles me and said that they have the case but no gun and that the packaging was re taped. UPS needs cameras so they can watch employees because this is ridiculous.


Yes....UPS stole my SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab E tablet computer from the SAMSUNG owned repair facility located in Plano, Texas.I knew this would happen BEFORE Samsung sent the package with UPS.

Samsung ignored my warning. Now UPS Investigations is searching for the parcel that will never be found. I have to follow the resolution process in order for Samsung to reimburse me.

I get a new Samsung tablet computer via FedEx once UPS issues a claim payment to Samsung for the value of the missing package.UPS are a bunch of theives....


I shipped my iPhone to apple to get it fixed.Apple had me dropped off at a local UPS store.

Along with my iPhone- the store shipped total 9-packages- they all went missing. I called customer service, went to the facility and asked for help- in turn i get a horrible customer service. Finally, after not giving up- I reached UPS customer service via Twitter and get someone to call me- interestingly they person blamed the store instead looking for the package. Store communicated me that they had video to prove that my iPhone and other 8-packages were given to the driver and they have a video from CCTV camera.

So I called again and finally land a person who wants to help (YES- FEW Customer Service Reps are quite helpful at UPS-but Majority is not).

I also got Apple involved in this- but no resolution.Like someone posted here, it should have taken UPS no more than a day to sort out where the package went- but the UPS is taking its sweet time like my iPhone that I rely on for work is none of their business


You should really report this having packages stolen from you is horrible and that person should be stopped before they can steal more from hard working people. Honestly I find it to be extremely offensive that you would know of this and say nothing.


They took my $1500 gold after it has safely arrived all the way from Dubai. They send me out of three packs in a back one empty, which i believe the person who packed it is the one who took my gold.

New Albany, Ohio, United States #1032801

So this is what I learn,you used ups to ship your valuables from point A to point B their worker steal your stuff by the way they just caught one in Swan Island that stole customer Microsoft but I digressed,or they lost your package now I think that they should always keep a record of things that they lost or misplaced you know what is in your package so even if they pay you their $100 because they said they do not know the value of what is in the box and if and when they find said box or boxes they call you or email you and find out if what you said was in the box is correct and tell you give me my $100 and I will return your box NO they closed the case after they give you the $100 and then they auction off what they have in their warehouses and I can bet the first bid is $100 people that are bidding they may hit the jackpot or they may not one way or the other ups win they may get back what they pay you or they may get ten times the amount.Now people in name of everything that is just how can that be right and to be fair I don't think that they are the only one that does this.What do you call a company that lives off hard working poor people back people you fill in the blanks

Santa Clara, California, United States #954899

yes. Details are irrelevant. Suffice it to say that my box was delivered and arrived completely empty.

New York, New York, United States #911092

They stole my gold earrings and my brothers new deck top pc. I hope someone murders them and they have the worse life ever.


UPS employees do steal packages, had not problem with my packages at all and starting about 2 months ago my packages have been getting opened and retaped by ups and I have also gotten a few packages within last 2 months or so getting to the distribution center in my city and they scan the box for delivery but it doesn't go onto the delivery truck and instead into their car or they wear the item. That's what I guess happens since I get a few boxes getting opened and retaped everytime I get a ups delivery of 5+ boxes.

Victoria, Texas, United States #815290

I recently sent a damaged hard drive with many pictures on it(yes, I know, I should have backed it up) that are irreplaceable, to a computer repair center.It was shipped overnight and when the package got to the establishment the next day, the package was wide open and no paper work or hard drive in the envelope.

I am devastated! It has been two weeks and nothing has been recovered. You would think that within 24 hours, the item had only be in so many places (shipping warehouse, truck to Austin, receiving warehouse, truck to business). How does something like this just disappear into thin air?

Supposedly they are looking for it, but after two weeks, its not looking so good... Any advice on what to do? Can someone from UPS explain what happens when items are just floating around without a package?

Its bad enough that the hard drive crashed in the first place, but for it to disappear while trying it ship it takes the cake...:cry

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