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ups workers constantly lied abot delivering a pkg to my door. i deliberately sat by the door and waited as, not one but two, notes were posted on my door saying i was not at home.

i even took time off my job after the first note. they never even knocked. after calling the 800 number twice i was told that the driver was on their way. guees what?

a no show. are there any consequences for this?

the supervisors that called me back acted like this was no big deal to them. I told them that i was disabled and could not come to their office which was less than a mile from my home.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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I am a driver and I always ring the doorbell AND knock. We all do.

It will just be more work the next day if we have to go back to your house again and again on top of what we already have to do. 95 percent of us actually really care about servicing our customers, otherwise we would not have signed up to work 10-12 hour days.

It's funny how people "Sit by the Door and wait ALL DAY for 3 Days". I don't know how other areas work, but many times a week I will take the extra time to meet up with a customer or go back to the their house where they said I did not make an attempt. You know what usually happens??.....They pull up in the drive way 5 minutes after I get there!

Yeah, you were sitting at home except for all those times you went out to run errands or pick up your kids or was working out in the field.

There is nothing wrong with that, just don't lie about it and keep us from seeing our family that much longer. I am not bitter, just offering a different perspective.


This happened to me several times and again today. I paid extra to get this package today because I am going on vacation.

I was home all day but when I checked online it says that a delivery was attempted and I was not home to sign.

It really *** me off. I just sent my husband to pick up the package, i hope they dont give him a hard time.


I have had this experience on four different occasions and have been obliged to pick up the package at the main shipment center. Sometimes, the they do not even give an info notice, and claim on the package tracker that a delivery 'attempt' was made. Perhaps the driver on my route is a serial LIAR.

I am headed to the shipment center tonight, to spend another two hours waiting for package that should have been delivered. It is such a horrible experience, basically everyone is squished into a very small room, its overheated, and everyone is frustrated/resigned/ANGRY!

I do not understand how UPS is still in business.

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