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I live in a condo in Chicago in the ground floor unit located at major cross roads. The delivery driver does not make all three attempts, does not leave notices if he/she does, does not fill out he notices properly if they do leave one so I never know which attempt it is that they are claiming.

I have had at least 10 packages sent back in the last year. When you do will call, you have to go to the south side of town where the workers are apathetic at best and mean at worst. They do not care, are short in attitude, rude to people, and purely without interest in doing their over paid job. Any minimal good experience I have had is grossly out weighed by all of the problems.

When you call to speak to customer service the managers simply cover for the driver because that is their job. They will not give you information on a package unless you have an invoice slip which the driver is not leaving.

My wife and I were expecting baby gifts for our newborn and could tell they had shipped, but did not get notices of delivery attempts, and could see two packages had been returned for non-delivery. We received no help from UPS what-so-ever.

Now they are rolling out MYCHOICE program that wants to charge you 40 dollars a year to better track your packages, change delivery to the nearest UPS store without surcharge, and get better notifications. All things that FEDEX does for free.

UPS truly is a waste of space. The employees are the entire problem. They are awful and pathetic.

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #658372

I've been sitting on my front porch, working on my laptop, waiting for the most important delivery in my life, first attempt status comes up, as I'm refreshing the browser, outside! Liars, lazy, thieves, u.p.s.


UPS are liars when it comes to package deliveries.

In my area the drivers deliberately refuse to come to the location and post delivery failed attempts when they find the packages too large or heavy.

anything heavier than 2 lbs gets "attempt to deliver but recipient not available" even though we are at home and waiting.



Sent pkg out but put the incorrect zipcode (address was correct) - Pkg came back as undeliverable - a week later got a second bill for over $6.00 for having the wrong zip code. Back to the USPostal System for me.

They are ripping our company off at every turn. We've been purchasing our own "mail bags" from a very reputable company - Recently got billed $8.00 per pkg for using the bags - no reason, they just don't like the bags - they've been perfectly acceptable for over 8 years or so - They are thieves - plan and simple.


I m sitll waiting for m,y package since these *** people dont have an organized way to deliver,the drvier would not leave a phone number so that you could re arrange the time,beside they only delivery in working hours,which means most of the time none is home in day time!the wweb site didnt even work to try to change delivery address,beside i read they charge to get own package???when i already paid when bought the shoes?thjisis so ***,they should be able to deliver package example to the local post office,since in finland the nearest warehouse is 200km away!!!!!!!this is ridiculus,,and what after the third attempt to deliver and none home,my package is sent back to england,where i order it from??i got pissed on the phone that i even sweared even though i told the lady i was not engry at her,but the system!!!this is last time i order something,,i will ask first what carrier thjey use before i buy anything


I HATE UPS!!! How about I came home early from work to wait on my package.

The driver arrives in my neighborhood 3hrs later than his normal time. I watch the driver stop outside my building, but he never got out. All of a sudden, he drives off.

I go online to the UPS website to track my package, and it says, "CUSTOMER WAS NOT AVAILABLE ON THE 1ST ATTEMPT"! I want my *** pressure cooker; I was planning on cooking dinner in it tonight!


didnt recieve an invoice slip, never seen the ups guy, no knock, everybody in livingroom. and online states, 1st attempted delivery with customer not home. got to be sh1t1ng me.

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