I just picked up the package (samsung Galaxy S6 edge) from the UPS facility, excitedly I went home to open the package. When I received the package, I noticed something was weird about it, it was taped on one end of bubble plastic bag.

Immediately I cut the bag and noticed the package was tampered with and the phone is not in the box. I then realized the UPS worker had snipped the package and taped it was to concealed the cut. The box was ripped and had dirty oil mark on it.

I called them to report about the problem and they told me to call the shipper (Tmoblie) and report the problem to them instead. What a shame that UPS cannot take the initiative to investigate the claim.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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UPS are cheap that is why money grabbing businesses use them

UPS only employ drivers who are so bad nobody else will employ then

UPS don't and never will give a *** for anyone *** enough to be a recipient

to Anonymous Birmingham, Alabama, United States #1232731

You must've got fired from UPS and now you have a little chip on your shoulder about em. You couldn't handle the day of a UPS driver.


Went back to the seller who used fedx and from there a new item was shipped. I actually never received the original product but the seller made good

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