New York, New York

I live in New York City. The UPS delivery guy comes at odd times and won't leave the package in my apartment building unless I am there to personally sign for it.

I have a job, which assures that I'm never there when he comes. Every time I've ordered from UPS, I beg and plead for them to just leave the package at my door like FedEx or USPS. The only alternative is for me to make a 2-hour trip to Maspeth to the storage facility to pick up the package, which totally defeats the purpose of ordering something online. Customer service is useless.

I don't lose the money, but I didn't get an important order in time and let a lot of people down.

I am at my wit's end and will never, ever use UPS again.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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Oh, how I feel your pain, brother....

I buy books off of Amazon, and despite the fact that I've VOLUBLY told them (Amazon *and* UPS) about this same issue, I STILL get orders "delivered" (notice the use of quote marks) by Useless Parcel Service most of the time. And damned if it's not the same deal: "We Brownshirts haff dezided your package not to leave at your door because ve don't vant to.

Zo...TOUGH NOOGIES, mein Herr!" I sign the package release, and guess what? The chimps still won't just leave the package AT MY APARTMENT DOOR INSIDE A LOCKED BUILDING. They can get in and leave one of their *** notices, but they can't leave the PACKAGE?!?

I call "shenanigans" here.

This is why I LOATHE UPS. The only reason I'm getting my package today is that UPS handed it over to the USPS, which--according to Amazon Tracking---has already delivered my book.


I have an idea, have the package delivered to your work. UPS drivers are trained not to leave a package at an apartment without a signature.

If it gets stolen then you will say they never delivered it.

There is a reason they do what they do and have been around so long. An apartment has a lot of foot traffic so they are seen as a high risk to just leave at your door compared to a house where they can hide the package behind a pillar or something and can not be seen from the street.


UPS can certainly leave packages at the door, and have done so for many years at my townhome. Recently, they stopped doing that.

They will tell you to join "My UPS" for free, BUT if you don't choose the "pay us $40" option, then you don't get the option of waiving signature.

So basically I have to pay the shipping charges and then pay them again to leave the package. Fed Ex rocks!!


I worked at UPS as a pkg driver and your driver will be in serious trouble if he just leaves it. I suggest you get someone on your floor( bld) to agree to take take it and leave instructions on the note he left you.


It's the drivers discretion.. That is what their corporate offices will even tell you.. Just tell them that because you are having to take time off from work to sit at home a wait for a package that didn't require a signature, tell them that you will take them to small claims court because you are losing money on them when you paid for the shipping in the first place..