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I had to give UPS a rating of 1 for value because I could not select 0. Last time I use UPS was 9 years ago and it was terrible then.

I thought I would try it again because the vendor insisted, but I should have just bought my product elsewhere.

I paid ($44.73) in brokerage fees for an 80 dollar product to get imported into Canada from the US. Brokerage fee, bonding fee, even a fee for them to collect fees, fuel surcharge, etc. Anything else they can come up with?

Maybe a recycling fee for the bottle the driver uses to pee in! :)

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Yep, "another one bites the dust"...

Had (and still have) kind of the same of horrible problem with them. 4 of 5 packages sent from Spain to UK with damages that they don't want to pay (computers, so figure out, 3000 value, lost 1000 in broken parts). Plus a 5th package with ski clothes lost that they are asking me after 3 months that if I want it back I have to pay storage at their Germany location.

Guess someone at UPS does not have winter clothing in his wardrobe.

Checking on the net, there is a lot of people suffering from the same, I guess UPS deserve a special website to receive complaints in one source so is easier to people to research about UPS before sending stuff. I'll make one.

And UPS company claims that will deliver 30 million packages in 2012 Olympics in London!

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