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UPS is the worst company that I have ever delt with,there customer service is pure garbage and they lie through there teeth.I have brought car parts over the border and they treated my stuff like garbage and damaged it through there lack of respect and then ripped me off with there fuken broker fees.These fees are ten times the amount of what the post office would charge,what a bunch of fuken crooks.From now on when I see something on ebay that is ups only then I will not buy it and it can stay there! Still waiting for a damage claim that is over six months old and when I have asked for an update they tell me that they cant tell me anything due to privacy laws.CAN YOU BELIEVE SUCH FUKEN ***!DONT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!

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ugh fukking idiots. LISTEN UP PEOPLE!

when you order something from a company and it breaks in transit you dont get a damage claim because YOU DIDNT PAY UPS TO SHIP IT. the company you ordered it from did. they get paid the claim then they reimburse you at least they should anyway.

every shipping company in the world works like this. use some common sense.

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