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I shipped several dishes in a special box purchased at U-haul extra thick , lined it with foam, and used peanuts, confetti and foam wrap. covered the lamp for the full value.

The box was clearly marked 5 Fragile. Mr. Gibson at UPS said it doesn't matter if you mark if fragile, they do not orient packages or read fragile on the side of the box...Mr.

Russell Gibson also said that the insurance you purchase on a package is not insurance it is declared value if UPS says its worth the declared value....they make this determination not YOU. I WILL NEVER SHIP WITH THEM AGAIN.....

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Birmingham, Alabama, United States #748598

You cannot take a $10 item and declare it for $500 and expect to get $500. You have to prove it was worth $500.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #748210

It is regretable your items were damaged. U-haul boxes or not shipping boxes, they are moving and storage boxes.

They are of lesser quality and strength than what a UPS Store would sell and use. Confetti is not a good thing to pack with, and occured damage does depend alot on how your itmes were packed: proper space between items, and items and the box sides. Declared value is used for the simple fact UPS will only pay a claim on what the items are worth.

If you the customer can prove their value with receipts or replacement value they will pay a claim.....IF your items were packed correctly. For instance....if $500 of declared value was taken out, and a $40 set of dishes were broken, the claim is settled for $40.

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