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UPS in Gt Britain is NO BETTER...I did not receive a parcel from Microsoft yet when challenged UPS produced a forged signature of my name clearly nothing like my signature. I asked them to investigate.

We had some 12 pieces of communication yet they WOULD NOT investigate how their driver got the signature and from where.

Microsoft stated once an item left them it was UPS responsibility. UPS says they only have to obtain a proof of receipt, and as they had a signature they were not liable....

BE WARNED...UPS CAN NOT be trusted to deliver your goods!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $120.

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Same thing just happened to me, I payed for a service to require a signature upon delivery. I did this to ensure that someone here was home and the package wouldn't be left outside where it could get rained on or stolen.

Yet I found the package on my front porch unattended. I called customer service and I found out someone (presumably the driver) signed my name. I live in a single family home with no neighbors on either side. The people across the street are not the friendly type who would sign for me.

Long story short they claim to have wrote up the driver. No refund for the signature service was offered.

What I ordered was RIFLE AMMUNITION! There were clear haz-mat markings on the outside of the package and my state requires someone 21 or older must sign for ammunition upon delivery. I am very very upset with this gross misconduct by UPS.

What if some kids got into that package or if some criminal stole it?! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!


same thing happened but my dad asked the ups guy who signed the package. the driver said he was chased by some girl after a few blocks and gave it to her.

when my dad asked what does she look like what car, all he said was shes tall..

until now theyre calling us and still think I took the package and the name and the signature is fairly different from mine.

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