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This store has employees and managers who give wrong information out.

I took a package to this location. I had a return shipping label for some equipment I received broken from UPS. Since the value was over $1000 they told me they could not accept the package and to take it back and call for a pickup. UPS Customer service now tells me they are not UPS and UPS is not responsible for problems at this particular UPS store location. I dissagree. They have UPS on their door and on their signage and shirts. They represent themselves as UPS but UPS does not consider them UPS.

When I called UPS Customer service, I spoke with many employees: Gian #IASC, then her supervisor Lisa, then her supervisor Monica then hers Mary Ella, then finally the UPS Customer Service Manager Derrick. Not one of these employees stood by the UPS name and took care of me the Customer. They just want to pass the buck. Meanwhile I still have a 50 pound box with broken equipment UPS delivered and UPS wont pick it up from me unless I pay an additional $10.32. Now they say I have to load it back up in my car and drive it to yet another UPS store.

Forget it. I will never, ever, ever use UPS again. I would rather take the box to FedEx and pay the shipping myself rather than deal with another worthless UPS employee. Not one of the supervisors or the manager would get this problem handled and save their reputation. They would rather leave a customer upset than eat the $10.32 pickup fee when their own UPS store told me that was what I had to do.

Worthless!!! I am all FedEx from now on!!

Monetary Loss: $10.


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Surprise, Arizona, United States #817190

You're not very bright, as evidenced by the fact that you posted this same ridiculous complaint twice.I will copy and paste what I explained in your other post...

"You are confused.

The UPS Store is a franchisee of UPS, but they are NOT UPS.

UPS does not staff The UPS Store locations. The UPS Store locations are not allowed by their contract with UPS to accept any package with a value over $1000, period.

Any such package must go directly to a UPS employee.

You can either a) go to a UPS staffed location/service center/customer counter, or b) pay to have the item picked up, as you were instructed."

to One more time Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #829268

I agree that he shouldn't post this twice like this but, There is no explanation what so ever as to why they can't take the package to justify their seemingly ridiculous behavior. Plus there is a site were people come to complain about UPS ridiculousness and there plenty of other reasons and complaints all over the country about UPS being absolutely ridiculous. They aren't many FedEx complaints so it's a UPS problem

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