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Send a package to a client in Canada, she had her UPS account and when I sent her i used her account number so she would pay for her shipping, she denied to pay, closed account and now UPS is billing me for a bill that UPS client was supposed to pay, UPS do not harass her, they harass me with the bill, and they have even sent me to collections because of this, i am not able to reach my client anymore, she refuses to pay, even though she received the merchandise, UPS claims if I am the shipper and the UPS account holder does not pay I am the one responsible, she is not anymore HA!! be cautious about this company they deceive their clients making them think you send the packages to the other person, they pay as they have am account with UPS and if they decide not to pay you are the one responsible not them!! UPS should be sued for this!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Account.

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You agreed to pay the bill when you signed the waybill. You shipped the item when you originated the shipment.

Asking UPS to bill the receiver doesn't relieve you of the obligation to pay. UPS did as they were asked by you and billed the receiver but you are the person who received the service.


So if I ship a package, I can just give UPS an account # and they shouldn't charge me? GET REAL....You initiated the transaction, therefore YOU are responsible for the bill.

If the other party agreed to pay for the shipping, then you should go after them.

UPS has absolutely nothing to do with your dispute with the other party as to who is responsible. They wouldn't be in business if we could all just ship packages and say it's someone else's responsibility to pay....PAY FOR YOUR TRANSACTION

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