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Using a trusted discount site, I purchased 14 tickets for my son's birthday get together. I selected the 2 day shipping because I needed them for that weekend.

On the date they were to be delivered the driver felt it was unsafe to enter our property because of the barking dogs. I understand...this is not the issue. That same evening my husband called the number on the "InfoNotice" and they told him that the office was closing in 15 min and that we could go pick it up. Now the whole time we were being told that the package was at the Springfield warehouse, which is a 20-25 min drive for us one way.

So we left them with the information that we would do a pick up the following day. They again failed to mention that on Saturdays they cannot access the warehouse without a manager and security guard present. After my husband drove all the way out there and was turned away I called the corporate office twice. The first time, all I was getting was NO, NO and more No's.

The second time I called, the gentlemen that helped me was a supervisor and he was willing to TRY to help me get this package which, I remind you, was TIME sensitive. Still he could not get anyone to help. He followed protocol and was very polite about it. At that point I was already so infuriated, I needed to just stop trying and enjoy our son's birthday that day and the next.

Monday rolls around and I called the local office to get them to redeliver them. The woman I spoke to named Cynthia, told me that they could get it out the next day and be done with it...Me, still frustrated with them, decided to just pick the package up myself and be done with UPS...but soon after telling my husband about this, he made me realize that I was basically giving UPS my money for free and on top of that spending more money (in gas) to get the package. I immediately called her (Cynthia) back and asked her if she remembered me...she stated YES. I told her that I didn't feel it fair for me to spend more money on this package and that I wanted to reschedule a delivery.

I asked her twice..." Are you positive that both packages (I was also waiting on another less important package) WILL in fact be delivered tomorrow?"...Cynthia said, "Yes, they will be delivered tomorrow". On top of that I assured her that the dogs would be in the house so the delivery guy would have no problems. Now the less important package was delivered the next day, but NOT the tickets, AGAIN. My husband had answered the door and spoke to the driver.

The driver stated that he didn't have another package in his truck for us and that they must have forgotten to put it in his truck. So again I called the corporate office and told them what had happened. They said that they had no record of this being placed on delivery. WTFFFFFFFFFFF?!

I told them that I had spoken to Cynthia at the warehouse and all that, but they couldn't help. They informed me that the corporate office has no say in the matter and because of the lack of noted placed on this order; they could only speak to the local branch to get them to deliver it again. I asked to speak to a supervisor once again. ON HOLD A LONG TIME.

Finally the supervisor got on the line, AGAIN, I explained what had been discussed with Cynthia...he put me on hold to call the local branch and he was able to speak to this Cynthia woman. He said she was aware of the issue BUT DENIED EVER TELLING ME THAT THE PACKEDGE WOULD BE DELIVERED! The supervisor said again, he cannot do anything but file a complaint against the branch, which I had already done. Also, just before hanging up he informed me that this branch will NO LONGER DELIVER packages to our home...he said it was because of our dogs.

I told him that I am truly disappointed with the level of customer service provided by the corporate office and Very Very angry that this branch can do whatever they please and that they allow their PAYING CUSTOMERS to be treated in such a manner. I AM PICKING THIS PACKEDGE UP TONIGHT WHEN I GET OFF WORK!!!

Monetary Loss: $130.

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You sound like your over exaggerating the facts which are; A: You obviously had dogs present in your yard, UPS drivers are not obligated to deliver in such circumstances, no explanation needed.. B: Think that by you picking up the package yourself saved UPS money is a ridiculously immature assumption, you have no idea what the costs are for parcel transit within the company.. The point is, keep your dogs tied up or fenced in and you won't ever have a problem