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I also have wasted $5 worth of minutes talking to this SOB facility when it could have been resolved for $1

Original review posted by user Sep 24, 2012

I have generally enjoyed UPS but this time all is not well. I had found out that the Gurnee, IL facility closed down (i guess to bad economic issues) and now i have to deal with the Northbrook facility.

Not only the facility is 50+ minutes away they are not being very helpful. When they tried to send me my package they gave up at the lobby door. Couldn't find my name in the building directory, yes this is my problem as i don't have a landline phone and so i noticed that i needed to contact them. Well trying to contact the facility was a pain.

Everytime i called they said they would call back and let me know what happened, meanwhile everytime i try calling i get the same *** over and over again without any resolve. So i tried contacting newegg and this morning i contacted UPS at the site. So far no response from either place. If i cannot get a response i can't get my package.

I am at a loss of what to do and i do not wish to drive 50+ minutes to get the package. I have been trying to get the package redelivered with contacting me on my cellphone.

I am unhappy with the service i am receiving and i have always had great service with the Gurnee facility, why they closed it down and now im expected to work with a bunch of neanthrathals is beyond me. It's ridiculous!

Monetary Loss: $32.

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Are you a UPS representative? Your comment is ridiculous.

If you were in my situation where they couldn't drop your package for whatever reason and had to drive 3 hours to get it you'd be pissed too! It's not my fault the economy sucks right now and i can't afford to have a landline phone and am forced to use a pay as you go phone service to save whatever money i can because i am UNABLE TO FIND A BETTER JOB BECAUSE THE ECONOMY SUCKS!

And it's not my fault UPS closed the facility that was nearby so i could pick up my friggen package! This is not simple as UPS has made it difficult to even give me a decent answer.


THIS is so simple.If the package is important to you.Then you will drive and PICK the package up.IF the package is not important to you,Then wait until it arrive's.If the UPS cannot find an address on you who?FAULT is that outside of your's.THE nerve of some people.WTF.SOME people will complain about anything.

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