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I recently sold an item with PayPal and needed to ship it so I checked the UPS option there to see how much shipping would be. I was issued a UPS account number via email. I used that number to ship the item. At the UPS counter I offered to pay directly for shipping, but they said no no just use the account number, so I did.

When I tried to find out how much I was charged and how to pay for the shipping costs I searched the UPS email that they had sent me trying to figure out where to go.

The UPS email gave me three options(links):

1.Get Started

2.My UPS

3.Forgot User ID or Password

I didn't forget my ID or Password, in fact I didn't even have one. To acccess 'My UPS' I needed an ID or Password, so the only option left was 'Get Started'. So I clicked on that and followed instructions to create an account and get a User ID and Password.

This, however, did not get me any closer to accessing my UPS acct. number. I found a place on the UPS site that allowed me to link my new account with the acct. number they had sent me. I did this. This move apparently generated fraud flags and I was sent an email alerting me to the possibility of fraud... Nope. No fraud. Just trying to navigate the ever byzantine UPS website...

A while later I discovered that a flash cookie, had been placed on my computer. I deleted it but when I went back to the UPS website, there it was again.

The is an insidious script loaded into flash, and provides the company a means of identifying your specific PC configuration. It also tracks which sites you visit, what you do on the web, and basically undermines any security/privacy you may have on the web. It's not something I feel comfortable having on my computer.

Especially since it is put there clandestinely by UPS simply because I was following UPS instructions.

But it has made up my decision not to do business with UPS. There are definitely better options.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  • Ups United Parcel Service
  • Mpsnare iesnare
  • Shoddy User Experience Design
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It is a snooping tool cookie to spy on websites that you go to.


Sounds like it was a fraud email, phising for your personal email.

Check the from field of the email, if it does not have ups dot com as the extendion, you were taken in by fraud.


With all due respect Barry, I don't think you read my review very thoroughly.

There was nothing fraudulent about the email, it was directly from UPS.

How could it possibly be fraudulent when I used the account number issued to me in that email at the UPS counter when I shipped the package.

Are you suggesting that UPS is engaging in fraudulent and conspiratorial activity?

Also, as noted in my review, I deleted the mpsnare.iesnare flash cookie from the Macromedia/Flash Player folders and then by process of elimination established that it did not re-appear until I logged into my UPS account. There is no doubt that UPS retains the services of, the company responsible for this particular tracking cookie.