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Update by user Jun 11, 2013

UPS did respond to my complant and credited my account for the contested upcharges. I am happy with that and have since adjusted my dimension-measuring approach so it does not happen again. Thanks to all who provided perspective on this.

Original review posted by user May 11, 2013

Just received a nice note from UPS indicating that after auditing the dimensions of two boxes I shipped they were adding a surcharge of $21.44 to my Paypal account for being off by 1 inch in the box size dimensions I entered for two boxes. Both boxes were standard off-the-shelf U-Haul electronics boxes packed normally - 20 x 20 x 12.

The UPS store I dropped them off at has a chance to measure them again as I dropped them of and confirmed dimensions. Now I get this "FYI" adjustment to my Paypal account of $21.44 - with no recourse as the boxes already arrived at their destination and cannot be remeasured (not does UPS offer a clear path to do that if I wanted to). So I am stopping use UPS and switching to FedEx, USPS etc.

BE CAREFUL if you use the UPS web service to print shipping labels - it appears they have a profit center going based on "auditing" the shipments and claiming different dimensions than what you entered. If you use UPS, do so from a UPS store - if they see a home-printed label they will tag the box for auditing.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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20x20x12 = inner dimensions

21x21x13 = outer dimensions

Springfield, Colorado, United States #649362

box dimensions are most generally the INSIDE dimensions. if you actually measure a box that has been properly packed you will notice the thickness and slight bulge of packing have increased the size by as much as an inch.

a 20 x 20 x 12 box lies right at the edge of dimensional weight, once you take into account the exterior size you are most likely to get a bump.

btw, ALL carriers use the same system for shipping. yes fedex and the post office too. to avoid a charge later on use the correct size and weight...or use a shipping location like the ups store and pay the correct price at the time of shipment.

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