Apparently UPS is too busy these days fixing logistics to deliver packages. On Friday, a package required signature (new laptop) that should have been delivered Wednesday(I took time off to recieve, but they didn't show), then Thursday (called and was told Monday) was brought to my home on Friday while I was not home.

No problem. The driver left a 'Will Attempt to Deliver Again Monday May 6 between the hours of 2P and 5P' on my door. Took another half day off. Arrived at my house at 1:30P only to find another 'Will Attempt to Deliver Again' notice, only now for Tuesday May 7 between the hours of 2P and 5P.

I called the number on the sheet at 1:35P. Was told that I had reached the domestic shipping number and had to call the international number since it was an international (Lenovo) shipment. She couldnt connect me. I call the number she gave.

I gave the person on the line the number from the notice left Monday and she said 'This hasnt been attempted yet.' I asked how can that be if he left it on my door and I have the number. She said 'The driver will try again later' and I said 'Yes, he stated on here tomorrow'. This went round and round until I asked for a supervisor. 10 minutes on hold and he came on and said the same things she had.

I offered 'You need to call the driver and tell them to come back'. He said he would have to call 'Central somethingorther' to even know if that was possible. I said 'I'll wait, do it'. He came back a few minutes later and said he would get back with me within an hour and took my number.

15 minutes later I get a call from a local number and its the UPS depot. They had contacted the driver and that he would 'TRY' and get it there. I said 'NO. YOU NEED TO TELL HIM TO GET HERE DURING THE TIME HE SAID HE WOULD'.

She said 'He'll try'. I said 'Try does me no good. He needs to bring that between 2 and 5'. She said 'OK' in a flippant tone.

It's 5:30 and he's not here, so clearly 'TRY' isn't in their repetoire. I have to take another afternoon off to get this? RIDICULOUS. I am writing LENOVO next and encouraging them to pick another carrier.

I will NEVER choose UPS again. This is ridiculous.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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