Crawley, England

I waited all day for my new phone (delivery time between 8am - 6pm) & it never arrived.

I called the phone company to check the status of the delivery - UPS updated their site at 6.20pm saying that delivery was re-arranged for tomorrow. That is after the phone was meant to be delivered. Absolute joke.

There is no means of contacting UPS without having to pay for a premium rate call - which I refuse to do on the principle that this is their mistake and why should I pay to rectify it? I can not check the tracking system on the website because this function is not available in the agreement between this particular phone company and UPS.

The option available is to waste another day away from work waiting from 8am - 6pm. The icing on the cake is that I & don't get a refund on the delivery charge.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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iam so god *** pissed!! i ordered something online like 4 *** days ago and it was supposed to come yesterday.i was waiting all god *** day for this god *** package and i aint seen *** ***.

i swear i wanna shoot the *** who told me it was coming yesterday and boil him in a god *** *** boiler full *** salt and some *** in his *** mouth .

i mean jesus christ stop lying to all of us. id rather you be like "oh, well to tell you the truth we have no *** clue when ur package will arive" that day when they say will be the best *** day ever!


ups will not deliver my packages because my mobile home is not marked with my lot #. but my neihbors rare marked and all he has to do is go by both neighbors.

but the ups will not even come in the mobile home park to even try and attempt to deliver.they keep telling me for the past 2 days that they dont have a correct address and when i confirm it everytime i call then they come up with the unmarked issue. i guess if i dont mark my mobile home the way they want then i wont ever get my package. even if i do mark it, then how will he even know if they havent even came in here. just 2 days ago they delivered a package for my son next door and now my address doesnt exist.

how is that?

businesses please use fed ex or something else. i go thru this with fed ex everytime i am getting a package.


Took the whole day off and no package, after I received a call the day before from their computer saying that I had to be there to get the package. Checked on tracking and my package said that it was to be delivered on 1/20/10 called customer service and he said that it was still on its way.

This was at 6:45 pm. The tracking said that it was still in transit to my apt at 8:30 pm that same night. Got tiered of waiting and went to dinner when I came back the tracking said that now it will be delivered tomorrow 1/21/10. Called customer service and they could not offer any helpful services to make sure I get my package.

UPS is a *** *** company and should never be used!!!!! :(


Do you really think a driver from any delivery company would take the time to walk up to your door, fill out a missed delivery notice without knocking or ringing the door bell and then leaving??? Really??? Don't you understand that every package they don't deliver today, they have to deliver tomorrow. Oh, by the way, that package and that stop gets added to all the new ones that will be added the next day. I read these posts and can't imagine what goes one. Were you on the phone?? In the bathroom??? Did you take a nap while watching a soap opera?? Really??

While none of the delivery sevices are perfect by no means and I am sure there are some bad apples in each, do you really think they could survive, in UPSs case, over a 100 years, as a business??

Leave your driver a note on the door when you are expecting a delivery. Let him know you are home or ask him to deliver it to a neighbor if you have one that will allow you to do that. Most of these guys and girls are just trying to make a living and want to do the right thing.

Good luck.


I waited all day for my packages and went to the door round 1:40pm and I have a slip saying we missed you~!!! I didn't get a knock on the door or anything!!!

I called customer service and they told me someone else will call me to explain what happened.

She even suggested that i go to the ups port to pick up my packages which is funny because i don't have a car!!!I am so mad I could spit!!! FEDEX has never done this to me


At least you have a tag on your door. My last 2 deliveries I got nothing and was at home all the time.

This company is run by idiots and lazy people. Even postal service is way better lately.


Same thing here. I stayed home all day.

No package arrived. Never again.


I was in the front room, on the second say... After they rescheduled and didn't notify me waited on the first all day for nothing.

I'm about 5 feet from the door, I heard a truck was hoping it was them... finally went out to check, trucks leaving around the corner and I have a missed tag on my door. *** didn't even knock or ring the doorbell.

I call the office to see if I can go pick it up, they say they will call me when it arrives back at the UPS center, they never called... HORRIBLE company.


Same here - waited all day they were supposed to be there. Never showed.

Showed a DIFFERENT day and returned the package cause I wasn't there.

Horrible company.

Won't even re-ship though I can PROVE it was their fault. Never use them!!!