Fostoria, Ohio
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Ordered two different items from two different companies located in Indiana on the same day (Sunday) going to Ohio. Both Co.s sent the packages (1 ups, 1 usps) Monday which separately went from Indiana to UPS/USPS Spokane, WA distribution facilities. The USPS package was received on Wednesday. The UPS package hasn't made it yet and is stated to be here on the following Monday. Really!!!

There was a time when UPS was considered the number one shipper beating out FEDEX, USPS and the rest (in that order).

Well, experience over the past couple of years have changed that.

USPS has really upped their game and UPS has become the slow shipper of the day. I would rank them USPS, FEDEX, UPS and the rest with UPS becoming the shipper of last resort.

Going "Brown" now is slower than what it resembles.

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Evidently you must be employed by USPS because everyone know's that if you are lucky you just might recieve your package plus mail from USPS and You just might not.USPS has lost at least (5) Check's of mine that i sent thru the mail to pay bill's.Never seen not one of the check's since i mailed them.On the other hand UPS is alway's on time and I alway's can depend on UPS to be at my home when they say they will be there.