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Today i heard the delievery man at my door got up to answer the door, but as i opened the door he was walking back to his truck, i waited for him to see me, he looked my way and pulled off, i yelled for him and he sped off faster. So i called immediately to ups customer service.

After speaking with someone, he asked for a tracking number, i looked through my email and finally found this tracking number. All while im on the phone i can hear the rep talking in the background and aaying my street name and laughing. Mind you. After the rep found my package from the tracking number he just says its been delivered, im like he just pulled off so how is my package delievered.

I go back to look again and this time walked outside and around to the other side of my porch to find it on my lawn chairs. Thank God i found them, but they couldve been stolen if i hadnt looked around my porch. I feel like this is not professional. How can you just leave a smaller package on the porch without leaving a message on the door or something..i could see if its a big box and sometimes not even then.

My same kind of package that i had ordered prior to this one was stollen. They said it was delievered and they probably left it on the porch like they did this one. So i tell the rep to give them some advice that packages are getting stolen so you may not want to keep leaving packages on people's porches without their knowledge. And he just says i apologize for the drivers rude behavior and is there anything else he can help me with.

WHAT. This is crazy. If you cant hand the package over to the customer why leave them at all. I came to the door within 5 sec of him knocking said hello as he was walking to the truck.

Instead of him walking faster he couldve said your package is over their to me. But he walked faster..then he gets on the truck look dead at us, im thinking hes gonna say something, nothing he starts the truck up and pull off like the cops are chasing him smh.

Eventhough i came to the door fast enough, i feel like they should do the three knock rule and then leave a notice and take the package back to be re delievered another day. This is the first time for me, may or may not use this service again

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You're an ***. I worked at UPS for 25 years and can't stand the company more than anyone, but your comments are ridiculous to say the least.

Is this the first time ever receiving a delivery from a carrier? Any carrier I'm talking, cause they all operate similarly. Don't leave the package on the porch? Huh?

Seriously?? That's the first and most common place a driver is supposed to deliver to. Why? Cause the porch is generally how a person gets into their house, and please don't say garage, you know what I'm saying, or at least you should.

It's also where the mail is delivered each day. In other words, it's generally the most common point of entry, therefore the most likely place the customer will see the delivery.

Now, where at on the porch? Drivers are trained to deliver packages out of sight and out of weather. If he left the package on the other side of the porch, it was most likely because it was either safer from being seen by passerby's, was out of in-climate weather, or both, than it would be leaving it right at the door.

If it took you time to find the package on your own porch, it'll take a thief longer. Now unless you have strange people frequenting your porch all the time, where he left it was probably good, definitely better than right at your door in plain sight where anyone walking or driving by can see it and steal it, cause if you weren't home, who knows how long it would be sitting there for all to see.

This brings me to your *** "wait for you, leave a note" take. Unless you live in the hood where crime rate is high (do you?), there's a thing called driver release.

That means the driver may release the package without a signature so long as the package is in a reasonably safe area, out of weather and out of sight. They don't have to leave a note. Why? Because most people know when they order something, and when you order something being shipped to their house, they know a package will be arriving soon and will check their PORCH each day to see if arrived or follow the tracking to get a better idea of when it will be delivered....duh.

IF, you want personal contact with the driver each time you receive a package, request a signature only release instead of a driver release. Additionally, with regards to leaving a note to let you know where it's at on your own freakin' porch, one, that takes time to do of which the driver doesn't me, and two, why don't you just have the driver leave a flag letting everyone know you have a package and draw an arrow to where it's at. If he leaves a note on your door to let you know you have a package and where it's at, would he not be letting everyone else know too? huh?

hmm? Delivery notices are left when a customer is not home in order to notify the customer when a delivery attempt was made, but requires something from the customer, such as a signature, in order to be delivered.

Look, you have no freakin' idea how little time these drivers have unless you've worked there. This is precisely why I hate the company, well, that and a few other reasons, because the company's expectations are more often than not....ridiculous. The drivers bust their *** every day just to get done before everyone goes to bed practically sometimes, and I'm not talking during Christmas either.

You, being on the other end, don't see this. You think, how long does it take to leave a note, or wait for the customer to get their *** to the door. You have no idea how fast a few seconds can add up as the day progresses. You're only looking at yourself, like you're the only delivery they have.

Their protocol is this: deliver the package safely out of sight and weather, and knock on the door (not repeatedly when driver releasing) or ring doorbell to let the customer know they have a package. That's pretty much it in a nutshell. Your driver did his job correctly. You yourself said you were at the door in seconds, you even made eye contact with the driver.

Obviously, that indicated you received a package, one you were most likely awaiting, no? What, you want the driver to sit down and have coffee with you?

All this should be common sense to anyone with a brain, and unless you've been living under a rock, you've most likely received at least one delivery in your life prior and should know how things work by now. People like yourself are chronic complainers that have nothing else better to do but make nonsense out of things that make sense and you make me sick.